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The 5 keys to lose weight with Do Not Eat That!

Do Not Eat That! is an iPhone app that can help you to lose weight, be on a diet and eat healthy. In order to maximize the over-motivation and positive empowerment that you can get from the app, you must follow some basic rules when using it. Following you will find the five keys to be successful in your Do Not Eat That! plan.

1. Set up achievable targets

When defining your target, be realistic and configure a weight loss objective that can be achieved. Your biggest motivational driver is reaching your goals. Do not disregard this power.

Keep also in mind that, according to experts in nutrition, it’s always preferred to lose weight gradually and constantly, instead of through big drops quickly achieved. So set up weight loss targets of 1 or 2 Kg, for periods of 4 weeks or longer. And you will see how you move slowly towards your desired weight.

2. Keep on using the app everyday

Do Not Eat That! can bring you great support, but to be really effective you must use it everyday. To achieve this, you must stop eating (or eat in lower quantities) the food that is unbalancing your diet: foods loaded with sugar or with lots of fats, such as candies and sweets, confectionery, cakes, chocolates, oil-based sauces, butter and derivatives, ice creams and cookies…

Most of these foods are eaten pushed by a strong urge of tasting them and, as everybody knows, it’s very difficult to resist that power. However, the final decision is made by your brain. Do Not Eat That! provides your brain with the needed reasons to win the urge, because each unhealthy food that you don’t eat gives you back a reward: the calories that adds to reach your daily target.

Change your mind: each time you feel the urge of eating something bad, open the app, search for this food and realize the calories you can record in your diary. This will easy your final decision: do not eat that!

3. Do not enter into the compensation mistake

Compensating the calories you have not eaten in the morning with a bellyful in the afternoon is a common mistake. Don’t play that game. You must achieve a change in your eating habits towards a more healthy diet. And to be right in your path, the food that you choose not to eat must be the kind of food you should be eating occasionally, so that you don’t need to replace it.

The not eaten calories do not give you vouchers to eat more in any other meal. They simply drive you towards a balanced diet. Counting then is just about motivation, not about Mathematics.

4. Track your weight often

Each step you walk will have, sooner or later, a reward. Track your weight often. Do not refuse the gift of verifying that your weight is getting lower. It’s the power you need to go on traveling your way towards your final achievement.

Do Not Eat That! lets you monitor your weight measurements in graphical views. It’s the best way to control your progress over the time. Come back to your weight evolution graphs sometimes and get the stimulus to go ahead.

5. Give you one day a week for your whims

This final advice is probably the best one. There is no forbidden foods and there’s nothing that cannot be ever eaten. The goal is to improve yor food habits, live a better life and be happy. This won’t be achieved through restrictions.

There will always be parties, celebrations and special days. Don’t skip them and enjoy. Furthermore, chose one day in the week and name it your special day, the day for your whims.

Share your Do Not Eat That! keys

These are my five keys. They have worked for me and I’m sure they can also work for you. But if you have another triks or ideas, and want to share them with the app users, write them down in the comments section of this post.

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