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Resisting the children’s soft fruit candies

ChuchesYesterday and today I managed to avoid the same temptations that I described in my day one post: no breakfast cereals, no more french fries from the launch main dish. I’ve also replaced the sweet dessert that is usually served in the restaurant (a portion of cake) with an apple. I see in DoNotEatThat! the number of calories that I do not ingest when I do not eat a 40 grams portion of chocolate cake: 148 Kcal more or less. Good!

The worst time of the day is in the afternoon, when I am very hungry and I would eat any food that I can pick up. It’s strongly necessary to skip these temptations. I see the soft fruit candies that my children are going to get as a price… danger. Each candy may have about 30 Kcal. If I eat three of these I will have eaten 100 Kcal just in a second. Do not eat that!

I see that I will end this day with a total amount of 545 not eaten calories. I think I’m doing it well, though it would be helpful to add some activities to my routines. This is my open point, clearly.

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