Workout Mix Music Player

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Workout Mix Music Player is a music player that allows you to create playlists with songs in your media library matching the right BPM (beats per minute) or tempo needed for your preferred workout or exercise.

BPM values are preloaded, so that playlists are immediately created and displayed. Workout Mix Music Player presents three intensity levels for running, walking, cycling and elliptical workouts, allowing you to run your exercise at your pace while playing the music stored in your media library that has a perfect match with it.

The Tempo of a Song

There is a correlation between the rhythmic speed or tempo of the music you are listening and the quality of your athletic performance. To get the best of you workout, you have to choose the right tempo (beats per minute), so that it goes along with the rythm of you exercise. Some types of workouts will require fast-paced music, while others will benefit from smooth tempos.

This app is designed to find songs in your media library with the right tempo (beats per minute) for your workout, and create playlists with them. Using this app you can get playlists comprised of songs that automatically match the best tempo for running, walking, cycling or even exercising with the elliptical.

As a side note, it is worth to say that this app does not access any external service for getting BPM values of the songs stored in your media libray. Only information stored whithing the app is used to create the playlists, so you don’t have to be connected to the Internet to create the playlists, and the creation of the lists is executed extremely fast.

How To Use Workout Mix Music Player

  1. Workout type: You can choose between walking, running, cycling and elliptical workouts.
  2. Intensity level or pace: You will be presented with three intensity levels for the selected workout, each one showing the lower and upper values of the range of beats per minute that the songs in that level have. Tap on the level that you want to exercise, and a playlist will be automatically created with the songs in your media that belongs to this range of BPM values.
  3. Apply filters: You can filter the songs in the playlist by rating and play count.
  4. Load and play the list: Tap on the play button to start listening your selected playlist.

The Power of Your Music Library

Workout Mix Music Player is not a BPM calculator or detector. The app uses a curated database of beats per minute values pre-calculated for a huge number of songs. The chances of obtaining matches between the songs in your media library and the songs inside this internal database strongly depend on the quality of the metadata information of your library (song name and artist name). The better your media library is, the more the number of matches, thus your playlists will contain more number of songs for each workout type and level.

Playing Songs from your iCloud Media Library

Workout Mix Music Player supports reading and playing songs directly from the cloud service provided by Apple, called iCloud Music Library. This service can be subscribed separately, though it is included for free in the Apple Music service. If you have subscribed it, all the songs stored in the cloud will be available for you to make your workout sports mixes.