Quick Intro Guide to Next Song Music Player

With Next Song Music Player you can create a set of playlists based on rankings by selecting one single song from your media library. Follow the following steps to get started.

1. Select a song from your media library

Select a song from your media libraryChoose the song that you feel like listening in this moment. Its song title, artist or group name, album, genre and release date will be used to create your playlists.

You can select a song either tapping on the Pick a song button, or tapping directly on any o the songs displayed in the Last selected songs, Songs you may like or Recently added to your library sections.

2. Select the playlist

Choose the playlist you like best. Next Song Player builds them dynamically, with songs that matches several predefined criteria.

There are 6 playlists to choose from. The three on the top row are basic playlists containing songs from the same album, songs with the same genre and songs released in the same decade.

The 3 lists below are advanced playlists that use rankings with the best artists, albums and songs, so that they contain only the most appealing songs for each category.

3. Filter the songs you want to listen

Tap on the filter icon to apply filtersTap on the filter icon to choose your filter preferences. The playlists will contain only the songs in your media library matching the selected criteria.

You can filter out by song rating or play count (songs played a higher number of times, or songs played few times). You can also choose songs that have not been rated.

Fine tune the maximum number of tracks that will be included in each playlist increasing or decreasing the Max tracks in playlist option. Check the switch No same artist in a row if you want Next Song Player to try to avoid two songs with the same artist in a row.

4. Reorder or delete items in the list

Reorder songs in the playlistDrag and drop using the reorder icon that is showed on the right of each track cell to change its position.

If there is a song that you don’t want to listen, swipe left over its cell and tap on the Delete button to remove it. Once a song is deleted from a playlist, a new one will be added at the bottom, so that the total number of songs matches the value you have selected in your filter preferences for the maximum number of songs in your playlists.

5. Tap on the Play button to load the selected playlist

Tap on the play button to start listening to the playlistThat’s all you need to start listening to your favourite music. Tap on the Play button to load the playlist you’ve just created and start playing it form the beginning.

Alternatively, you can tap on any of the tracks showed in the list, and the player will start playing the list from this song.