Next Song Music Player

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Next Song Player is an alternative music player designed for the ones that take care of their music archive. Its main purpose is building playlists with songs that match seamlessly so that you can listen to music tailored to your personal preferences on every specific situation.

The music player that loves your media library

To reach this target Next Song Player analyses your media library, gathering information about the artists or groups that conform it, the album titles, the music genres that classify the songs and the release date of each track. To create perfect playlists you will only need to select a song, the one that you feel like listening in this moment. Next Song Player will search for the artist, album and song rankings that contain the selected song, and will compare them with the information gathered for your media library, to obtain other beautiful songs that belong to the same rankings.

As an example, if you choose a track by Dire Straits, Next Song Player will build a list with progressive-rock tracks from your media library, and another one with songs released in the 80’s. In the playlist for artist rankings you will have songs with your best progressive-rock groups. If the selected song was from the album Brothers in Arms, the playlist for album rankings will include the songs from your media library that belongs to the best albums of 1985. Finally, if the track you choose is Money for Nothing, there will be a playlist with the famous songs from your library that talk about money.

Curated playlist generated dynamically

The playlists are dynamically generated and the tracks inside them are ordered randomly. Each time you select a song, you will get a new set of playlists that can be filtered out so that they only have your favourite songs or the ones that you have listen few times.

More than a music player

Next Song Player has exclusive features carefully designed to make listening to music easier. First, playlist view shows the song rating based in stars, so that you can carefully select the songs you want to listen to.

Filter options allow you to customise the content of your playlist to match your own preferences. For example, you can configure your lists so that they only contain songs rated higher than certain number of stars, or songs played the fewest, or played more times in average than the rest of the songs in your library.

The One track at a time playing mode allows you to play your list song by song. Playing session will be automatically stopped after finishing each track.

Finally, you can create an annotation about the currently playing song in an small internal blog, to be recalled later to remember pending actions on your media library (such as changing a song rating or fixing issues with the title or artist name for a track).

If you are a music lover with a curated library Next Song Player will discover you a new way of listening to music.