Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Not Eat That!

Do Not Eat That! app FAQ

How can I configure the weight units to use pounds?

DonNotEatThat! app uses the measurement units specified by the user in the regional configuration settings of the device. These settings can be changed through the general settings app (the one that depicts an icon that resembles a gear), below the General > Regional configuration option.

In the localization screen of the settings app you will be presented with a list of countries. Choose your country to apply the regional configuration that includes the local uses and particularities of your country. This setting rules the numbering and date formats of Do Not Eat That!, and the units for measurements of weight and height.

As an example, if you set USA as your country, weight will be displayed in pounds and ounces. If your selected country is Spain, weight will be showed in kilograms. The measurement units are directly related with the maths coded in the app to calculate certain values, such as the Body Mass Index.

How can I switch the user interface to English?

The app user interface is fully translated into English and Spanish. If the interface is showing the Spanish translation, while you were specting it to be in English, you have to customize your list of preferred languages in the general setting of your device.

The iPhone (or iPod) configures its language settings under the menu option General > Language, accessible through the settings app (the one with the gear icon). This is a system-wide setting, thus applying to every app installed in the device.

This menu option lists all the languages supported by the device. An app will usually be translated only in some of them, as having a translation for every single language is not always affordable. In order to choose the appropriate translation when the selected language is not supported by an app, the iPhone will go through the list and pick the first language that the app has a translation for.

So, imagine that you are Italian. The first language in the list of languages of your device will usually be Italian. Now, in order to see the English translation whenever the Italian is not present in an app, the English language must be the second item in your list of languages.

To place the English language as the second item in the list, just switch your language to English. After the change is applied, switch back to your original language (Italian in the example). Now you should be seeing Italian in the first place, and English following it as your second preferred language. The user interface of Do Not Eat That! should now be displaying the English localization.