Quick Intro Guide to Do Not Eat That!

Find below 5 simple tips to get started with Do Not Eat That! Following these tips you will be able to keep on your target for losing weight, get healthier eating habits and add some sporting activities to your daily routines.

  1. Create your challenge filling in your profile data and setting your goals: your target weight loss and the number of weeks to complete the challenge. The app will calculate the total number of calories you must not eat every day to achieve your goal.
  2. Track what you don’t eat but would have been eaten before you started your challenge. This refers to your daily temptations, sweets, desserts, snacks, or the things you cannot resist eating between meals.
  3. Track your activities by choosing an activity, strength level and duration. The burned calories for each activity count as the calories that you don’t eat.
  4. Track your weight once or twice a week, to monitor your progress. The graph view will help you to see your achievements.
  5. Use the home view of the challenge to follow your progress. The inner green circle decreases as the challenge time moves forward. The outer brown circle increases as you lose weight.