Privacy Policy for OoMemory

Find below the general Privacy Policy for the OoMemory website.

Do Not Eat That! Privacy policiy

The Privacy Policy for the app Do Not Eat That! can be read here.

Protection of personal data

The web page does not gather any personal data without your permission, nor provide any personal data form his visitors to external parties.

Contact Us form page

The contact form of the Contact Us page is designed to be a contact box, and has the only purpose to easy the communication with the customers and users of

The personal data provided by the user by email through the form in the Contact Us section are stored in the Contact file of OoMemory, with the purpose of answering the queries from the users.

The web contact form is only informational, and the answers provided through this channel cannot be considered legally binding.

Access, cancellation, modification or denial rights

You can use your access, cancellation, modification or denial rights through the webmaster of

Statistical data gathering

This page does not gather nor store any personal data of his visitors.

With the purpose of offering the best service through this page, and to easy the user experience, the number of visited pages, number of unique visitors and the visitor’s activity in the web will be analysed.

To accomplish with the aforementioned objective, it will be used the data provided by the hosting service of

With the provided information the usage trends of the web site will be analice, using the connection data and the most visited pages. does not use cookies to track information about his visitors, nor stores the IP address of the users accusing the servers.


This Privacy Policy is aplicable only in the pages of, and is not valid in the external pages or websites that may be linked from