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New update for Do Not Eat That!

The new update for Do Not Eat That! is already available in the App Store. These are the most relevant changes that this new version includes:

First time user experience

After being advised that the app had an issue with the quick intro guide (you can read more about this in my post about the first-time user experience), I decided to completely redesign this part of Do Not Eat That! Now there’s no sample challenge, so the first time the app is loaded the user does not see any confusing data, and the warning about the inability to create more than one challenge will never appear (as it must be when configuring the first challenge). The texts of the intro are more detailed to better explain the basic usage. And last but not least, when the intro guide finishes the user is showed a new message like “tap here to create a new challenge”.

Improving the database of foods

There’s still room for improvement here. I’ve added about 40 new foods to the database, which means that the database is currently storing almost 400 foods.

Body mass index

Previous version of the app was showing the body mass index related with the weight filled when creating the challenge. As the user recorded new weight measurements, the BMI was not updated. Now this index is updated every time the user fills in new values for his/her current weight.

Improvements in the information showed in the diary lists

In this new version the list of not eaten foods includes the weight of the recorded portion, thus there’s a clear reference about what means not to eat this food. Besides, the list of activities includes the calories for the duration of the activity, so the user can see if this activity involves burning a big or small number of calories.

Localisation error bug fixing

The new version adds a separated field to input the inches, when filling the height and the device is configured to use the Imperial metric system. This was an error in the previous version that prevented inputing the height in feet and inches correctly.

If you find any issue with this release send me a message through the support form.

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