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New update for Do Not Eat That! already available

Weight evolutionThe version 1.2.2 update for Do Not Eat That! is ready to download in the App Store. The changes included in this update are essentially improvements in the user interface to easy the app usage and add more detailed information in some screens.

Below you can see a brief description of the changes and additions:


The look of the graphical view has been retouched, and one you can see information about the maximum, minimum and average values for every chart. The x axis has also been fixed to avoid showing decimal numbers. And there is a limit in the total number of values that can be showed in the weight evolution graph (30), to avoid the over-saturation of this view.

List of recorded weights

The list that shows the measured weights depicts now an icon that compares each value with the preceding one. If the new value is higher, the icon will be an upward brown arrow. If it is lower, it’ll be a downward green arrow. The initial weight for each challenge will be tagged with an special icon featuring a target-like circle.

Search button

The glass button to search for foods or activities is now bigger to easy the interaction. Besides, after tapping this button the keyboard will be dismissed, to show the search results in the full size of the screen.

Placeholders in some input fields

Some helping placeholders have been added to the input fields of the new challenge and search forms.

New foods in the food database

There’s a new set of basic foods in the food database, including now several types of pasta, fish and meat.

If you find any issue with the new version, please let me now through the support contact form.

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