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Listen to Songs in Your iCloud Music Library with Next Song Music Player

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The new version of Next Song Music Player, already available in the App Store, adds a new feature for music lovers that had purchased the iTunes Match service: it can play songs from you iCloud Music Library.

This means that people that prefer having their complete music library in the cloud will be able to enjoy all the advantages of Next Song Player. Songs will be played exactly the same as they are with the stock Music app, directly from iCloud.

When your are not connected to the Internet, Next Song Player will only be able to play songs that you have previously selected in the stock Music app to be downloaded into your device. Songs that have not been downloaded beforehand will only play if you are connected to the Internet.

Besides, this version comes with a new option to avoid having two songs from the same artist or group in a row. This mode is the perfect way to enjoy the Next Song Player playlists based on rankings, but adding more variation, so that artists are not repeated from one song to the following one.

We really hope you enjoy these new features of your loved Next Song Music Player.

Post photo by Siddharth Bhogra on Unsplash

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