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Less bread and more fruit

Evolución de la calorías no comidasToday’s weight measurement is a little step backwards (88 Kg), though not a discouragement. In my previous post I’ve already told about the usual ups and downs you will see when tracking your weight. What really matters is the long term, so let’s be positive.

It’s clear now that with all the foods I do not eat (all of them in the group of fats or with big amount of sugar, like chocolate, cakes and pastry) I do not reach the limit required by DoNotEatThat! to achieve my target. I’m sure I’ve very much improved my habits, but in order to start losing weight it’s not going to be enough. Doing exercise might help, but I know I never have time to do any extra activity. I’m going to walk an extra step and stop eating the usual piece of bread that we eat at lunch time. For me this is about 50 grams of white bread, usually accompanied with some sauce from the main dish.

Bread is not an extremely caloric food, but when joined to a sauce (that usually is made of oil or cream) may be very dangerous. Only my 50 grams of bread count for 100 Kcal (and this is just a quarter of a medium sized loaf of bread). With the sauce this might count for 200 Kcal or more.

Removing the bread has an immediate effect (at least, for me): the hunger. A meal without bread is quite frugal. You end up eating and it seems that you have not totally finished having lunch. At 6 o’clock in the afternoon you are so hungry that you may eat a sandwich. It’s not a good idea to skip the bread in the lunch and have a sandwich for picnic instead. To sate my hunger I have an apple. More fruit, less bread. I think I will increase my daily ingestion of vitamins and fibre. My body will thank me for this.

With this new approach I’m over the line of not eaten Kcal needed per day, finally.

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