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Got rid of my first kilograms!

Do Not Eat That! Home ViewAfter four days it’s time to grab the reward for your efforts. I jump onto the scale and realize that I’ve lost half a kilogram (0.6 Kg more accurately). Great!

The scale can give you big joy, but sometimes there will be disappointments. While I was using DoNotEatThat! In previous challenges, my weight sometimes increased unexpectedly. Do not let this get you discouraged! Your weight depends on many factors (for example, the liquid we drink or the time since we last had a bowel movement). Weight variations of 2 or 3 hundred grams are very common.

The great reward is achieving a stabilised weight reduction, a gradual and always onward weight loss, which can only be observed after many records of you weight. The kilograms dropped in this way will be well considered as double-valued, as these will hardly come back. Even more if you firmly set up good habits though the use of Do Not Eat That!

The home view of my challenge shows that I have walked through the 30% of my final weight loss target of 2 Kg. The circles that graph my progress allow me to see this achievement quickly. I’m well on my way 🙂

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