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Don’t break your habits, redirect them

HábitosOne of the biggest difficulties I’ve faced when trying to lose weight is to overcome the changes behind being on a diet.

The diet completely disrupts my habits, farther than the logical changes in the foods I have to eat, or in the way they have to be cooked. Where I was having three daily meals I must have five now. Where I was able to join my work mates for lunch, I must go home to be able to eat my regimen’s food. Every meal is different, I have to eat lots of salad, lots of fruits, steamed vegetables, grilled meat and fish…

Radical changes are not easy. You need to be a super-man or a super-woman to do not give up when presented with the huge obstacles that involve changing your routines from scratch.

The main purpose of DoNotEatThat! is supporting the difficulties associated with changing the habits. But this change does not have to be a drastic change, as the one you afford when being on a diet. It can be a set of small steps towards a healthy life and a balanced diet.

We can adopt healthy habits (like eating fruits instead of sweet desserts, or going upstairs instead of taking the lift) doing small efforts, gradually, in a very different way than the huge change of being on a diet. Do Not Eat That! may be the perfect support on this, setting up a feasible daily target and giving a prize for every little step you walk to reach it. The outcome will eventually be a weight loss, maybe slower, but stronger, as you acquire better habits that will remain forever.

However, remember that there are always special circumstances that may need the help of a diet prescribed by your practitioner or nutricionist. No app can replace it, be aware that your health is not a game.

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