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Do Not Eat That! is not a diet, it’s an stimulus

Encuentra un estímulo para recorrer el caminoAfter several days writing about the Do Not Eat That! app in this blog, I think it’s important to point out something: DoNotEatThat! is not a diet, and can never replace the advice of you general practitioner or nutritionist.

Any diet may have effects in our health, and must be sourced by a real need, beyond having a perfect line or a 38 size.

Obesity is, with no doubt, a risk factor for many diseases, and taking this as a ground base and considering how adverse is the influence it has in our life, there are clear benefits of a correctly advised diet, observed by a doctor. However, if you go on a diet by yourself being in your normal weight and following incorrect food prescriptions, not tailored to your personal needs, you put your health on risk.

But returning to Do Not Eat That!, if it’s not a diet, what is it then? The answer is simple: it’s a motivational app, a support that gives you the power and strength needed to bypass the obstacles (in the form of temptations) that you will encounter in the path that you follow when you are on a diet.

Motivation is based on prices, and the price in this particular scenario is the number of calories of the sweets, pastries or cakes that you resist eating. The prices have a daily goal that leads to reach the weight loss target. As you move on in the completion of this target, the stimulus to keep on following the diet is reinforced.

If you plan to go on a diet, Do Not Eat That! is the support that may help you to stay firm and do not give up.

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