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Day 1, starting powerful

Lo que no he comido hoyMy first day using the app Do Not Eat That! has showed me the value of the small things.

In the breakfast I skipped my children’s cereals, even though this little chocolate squares are delicious. That counts for my first 75 Kcal. In the office I had the usual cup of espresso coffee, but this time I chosen low-fat milk. The app does not allow to track this yet. I think it might be considered as a new feature for the next major revision.

Lunch time, I skipped the french fries that are always served with the main dish. A bomb full of calories.

With big pain I did not eat my little chocolate pleasure (three pieces of dark chocolate). And I also resisted to pick up some almonds. I managed to avoid eating a slice of bread just before starting to have dinner (when you are so hungry that you can eat an elephant).

Tracking the things makes me think twice before eating the foods that you are tempted to. It’s a good exercise. All in all, today I’ve got 569 Kcal of not eaten foods. I did not reach the target, but I have my four stars 🙂

Sorry for the picture, I only have the Spanish version for this view, as I’ve configured my iPhone in Spanish. I will try to post also English versions.

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