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Challenge finished: I’ve dropped 1.6 Kg in 22 days

Registro de calorías no comidasAfter being three weeks using Do Not Eat That! if reached the end of my first challenge with feeling of partial win. On the one hand it’s undoubtedly clear that I have achieved a weight loss: I’ve kept myself motivated and strong in my purpose of eating healthier and I’ve got rid of some bad habits that were clearly damaging the balance of my diet.

On the other hand, I have not reached the desired target. It`s true that lose 2 Kg in 3 weeks is difficult and maybe not too adequate. Experts suggest that it’s better to lose weight gradually, slowly, burning fat instead of losing muscle tissue, and looking after the nutritional balance of the food we eat.

I see hear a possible improvement in the way Do Not Eat That! works. The app is a tool to reach a high level of motivation when being on a diet to lose weight. That’s why it does not make any recommendation on the configuration data the user inputs for his challenge (giving total freedom to choose whatever he wants). Maybe it would be more useful if the app could warn the user when he’s challenge is not suitable (for example, because it requires to lose weight too quickly, or because he is configuring a target that will eventually become in a BMI below the normal weight limit).

All in all, not reaching my target does not mean that Do Not Eat That! does not work. It’s clear that it has allowed me to change bad habits, and it has created the needed stimulus to keep on the changes. However, during these 22 days I have reached the daily target of not eaten calories only once. I’ve been lacking the extra that would have been provided by a physical activity. There’s also some room for improvement here: the app could trigger some notifications whenever the user is not able to amount the needed calories, and propose actions to be taken (do some exercise!).

In the end, I’ve reached an 80% of the weight loss target. It’s a big step forward. I will start soon my new challenge and I hope I will be using a new improved version of the app.

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