About OoMemory

profileOoMemory is a personal project by Iván Nieto Pérez. If you want to know something more about me, visit my public profile in LinkedIn.

Why develop apps for smartphones

Since I switch on my first personal computer I’ve dived in tens of programming languages, because of my work of just as a hobby. BASIC in the Commodore 64 era, PASCAL in the university (seems to be far now), CGIs written in C (the beginning of the client-server interactions), HTML (when the web was written using text editors), JavaScript (power to Netscape!) and the boring Cascading Style Sheets or CSS. And, of course, the always useful PERL (my particular Swiss army).

With all of this in my pocket, someday I decided that it was time to try developing an app for smartphones. This is how I get into the world of Objective C, the iOS SDKs, the methods with long long names, the MVC paradigm…

Starting is always the most difficult task, but also the funniest, because in the end, my driver is a passion: I like coding. Maybe I should have started from this point… But it’s never too late.

Do Not Eat That!

Do Not Eat That! was born from the idea of simplify the concept of counting calories to control the weight. Counting the calories in the food is complex and boring, inaccurate and non-passionate. It may be useful to set up a limit, but not to learn how to eat healthy, neither to help to bypass temptations.

Do Not Eat That! proposition is original and different: it’s not about counting the calories that we eat, but about counting the calories that we stop eating. Avoiding the impulse of eating a sweet or an unhealthy food it’s now something that deserves a gift: the calories that you have not ingested The app allows the user to measure his achievements while wining these gifts, and establishes a daily target that may lead to a weight lose.

The main objective is not controlling what you eat, but encouraging a change in habits to start eating healthy. Whit this idea, an iPhone 4S and a Mac Mini I started to build Do Not Eat That! in March’14.

Next Song Player

Next Song Player was conceived due to the fact that I don’t like very much the stock music player shipped with the iPhone. I have always though that Apple could have made a better app to honour all of their customers that used and loved their iPods from the very beginning. Many of the uncountable possibilities of having a huge music library condensed in your iPhone are simply disregarded when using the stock music player, just because it is mostly focused on the Apple Music service and on selling items in the iTunes store. The iPhone music player has also the annoying capacity of changing constantly, almost as quick as Apple releases new iOS versions. You cannot rely on the UI working as it worked one month ago, or in the lyrics feature being there in the next release.

Next Song Player is about to made its debut in the App Store, to discover an alternative way of building playlists and listening to the music stored in your media library. I hope you enjoy this little gem and use it as much as I have used it so far.